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We provide exceptional labour hire services for mining, civil and earthworks industries across Western Australia, while upholding values of respect, community engagement and cultural preservation.

Wealth of Experience

Your Labour Hire Partner

With almost 50 years of combined mining and civil experience, Tambal is well-equipped to provide effective labour hire and staffing solutions for a range of industries.

We draw upon our extensive professional network, deep industry experience and smart labour management systems to meet your personnel needs while saving you time and resources.

We select talented management staff, specialist tradesmen, plant operators and unskilled labourers on an ongoing, contract or project basis.

Our industry experts screen all candidates to ensure we only provide qualified, skilled and trustworthy workers. We also provide an excellent client service to our jobseekers, only working with employers who have a commitment to safety, staff wellbeing and cultural sensitivity. 

Source Skilled Labour

Our Industries

We provide skilled plant operators and trade staff to meet the requirements of labour-intensive industries and major projects across Western Australia.



Tambal provides skilled earthmoving plant operators, site managers and trades staff to deliver efficient earthworks outcomes.



We maintain a pool of talented labourers, bricklayers, site foremen, project managers, and specialist tradespeople.



A full range of mining roles to ensure project success, from foremen to mechanics, crane and truck operators to surveyors and engineers.



From transport and logistics to manufacturing and primary industries, Tambal will meet your need for skilled and unskilled industrial workers.

Labour Hire Experts

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If you’re an experienced plant operator, specialist tradesman or general labourer, contact us today. We’ll find you an opportunity that matches your skills in a safe and enjoyable workplace.

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Whether you’re an industry veteran or entry-level jobseeker, or a manager seeking manpower for your next project, Tambal has the industry experience, professional network and smart recruitment systems needed to meet your employment objectives.

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Simply email us, call us or complete the form below. Our labour hire specialists will be in touch within 24 hours to discuss potential recruitment opportunities.

Values We Live By

Our Pillars

Our Pillars are the binding values that guide everything we do.

At Tambal, we are committed to providing a professional labour hire  service which caters to the needs of our industry clients while maintaining a culturally-safe work environment.



We embrace growth, constantly moving forward and adapting to meet new challenges head-on.

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We prioritise the well-being of our people and actively engage with the community, including our region's traditional elders.



Our commitment to excellence drives us to deliver exceptional results for our clients and industry partners.



We are dedicated to cultural competency both now and in the future, preserving our heritage and traditions for generations to come.

Our Heritage

Deeply committed to our traditional country, we provide a service which is respectful to and builds trust with our elders, clients, and community.

Our journey is grounded by courage in moving forward, staying focused and maintaining a strong work ethic aligning to capacity building and growth.

We nurture our strong family values and demonstrate care in all we do. We are strongly connected to community and embrace continuity in our culture.

Connection to Country

Our company name is derived from a combination of townsites in the Lower Great Southern region, Tambellup, Mount Barker and Albany, and was inspired by our family’s lifetime journey in pursuit of employment & education and of the underpinning commitment to community, culture, heritage and the arts.

TA . MB . AL


Population: 35,053 (2021)
Industries: agriculture, fishing, tourism, timber

Mount Barker

Population: 2,885 (2021)
Industries: agriculture (viticulture, wheat, canola, plantation timber, sheep and cattle)


Population: 281 (2021)
Industries: agriculture

New Ventures

Coming Soon

 Tambal is more than a labour hire firm. We’ll soon be expanding into a full-service training, heritage and cultural support, and earthworks and civil operator.

Tambal Earthworks & Civil

Tambal Earthworks & Civil

Full suite of earthworks and civil operations, including excavation, compaction, demolition and civil construction to meet project outcomes.

Tambal Heritage & Culture

Tambal Heritage & Culture

Training, monitoring and assessment, leadership and cultural support to ensure industry projects protect our unique culture and heritage.